Website design agency for small business specializing in SEO and PPC ad campaign management.

With many options for a quick and easy website, many times it leaves unexperienced business owners with the question of which one offers the features they will need at the most cost effective price. WebAct has partnered with the Duda website builder, which offers small business owners a simple DIY solution with many of the SEO and online shop features to be desired.

During my time at WebAct, I became certified in both Google Adwords and as a Google Partner. I was able to build websites for several online retail clients, optimize website SEO rankings across targeted keywords, and manage Pay-Per-Click campaigns across several platforms for targeted advertising.

WebAct project example image.

Selected Projects


A single page web application providing messages of hope for a world recovering from the Coronavirus Pandemic.

React Frontend + Rails Backend


A single page online ordering web application template for all types of delivery services.

Javascript Frontend + Rails Backend


An app for coffee lovers. Filtered lets users review the coffee they try and find new favorites.

Ruby on Rails MVC Application with OmniAuth

Lead design efforts for new ownership rebranding and all client-based design needs.

Website, Infographics, Handouts, etc.

Development and management of REL Central portion of the Institute of Educational Sciences website.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Graphic design work for REL Central of the Institute of Educational Sciences.

Report graphics, Infographics, Handouts, etc.

Website design agency for small business specializing in SEO and PPC ad campaign management.

Websites, SEO management, PPC campaigns

UX Design internship mixed with some art direction and graphic design for non-profits.

UX Design, Graphic Design

A few of the fun projects I have made, because ... why not!

Personal Design Projects